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See previous post for reasoning but please re-follow me at: for more posts!


Swapping to a new account as I wanted this to be my primary blog but tumblrs being a tosser. I’ll be back with the same url in around 5 minutes, sorry everyone!


britishbyrdie: Hurray for northeners! Haha. You have a great blog so far by the way, keep it up! :D

Cheers! Where about are you from? x


80s casuals.

80s casuals.


britishbyrdie: Where abouts are you up north? :)

Manchester! x



So, tommorow I’m finally going to get my ears pierced.

(I’m 20 years old this should definitely have been done a long, long time ago!)


Old Trafford in the 60s.

Old Trafford in the 60s.